Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Job To Suit Your Life Style

The sign in the coffee shop window reads; "Imagine a job that suits your life style". Oh, yeah! Right! Like there is one! But just imagine if there was an easy-paced, non-stressful job with holidays galore, great benefits, excellent pay to keep one far above the poverty line, working according to one's own relaxed time schedule and that could be done from the comfort of one's home. Imagine...

Snuggled in cozy pajamas or a track suit; feet up on the desk; drinking cappuccino and the money is rolling in. Instead of the computer beeping "You have mail" it says something worth while to interrupt day dreams - "Sir/Madam, you have a cheque". Yes! Now that's the life!

But alas, that is not the life style the advertised job will bring. What can one expect at a coffee shop except a dull coloured uniform; aching legs and back from standing on a hard floor for hours; cleaning up after strangers; pouring coffee, pouring coffee, pouring coffee...and all that for little pay. But it is an honest living! It's a physically demanding job that I wouldn't be able to do - not even a two-hour shift. Hats off to you, Coffee Servers! Thanks for the java!