Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Blackberry and Strawberry

The coffee shop is busy as usual. It's coffee break time. My, oh my! But we Canadians know how to enjoy a coffee break.

A young mother is having her coffee break with a young boy of about ten years of age - perhaps her son. The young boy studies his new CD. A thought just popped into my head. Oh, dear there goes my imagination again. Here's the scene;

An elderly mother is having lunch with her young adult son. They don't speak; in fact the young man fidgets with his tie and glances around the restaurant perhaps hoping to recognize someone. Every now and then, the mother's lips part as if she is about to say something but instead looks anxiously at her son. After a few awkward moments, the young man casually slips a new technical device from his jacket pocket and turns it on. As he ponders over information on the device, his soup cools.

Suddenly his mother sits up straight, her eyes twinkling. She smiles slightly as she sees an opportunity to begin a conversation. She is about to show her son that she is also up on the popular new technical gadgets of the day.

"Is that your new strawberry?" she asks her son.

The young man sighs deeply and throws her a look of disgust as he replies angrily, almost in a growl; "Blackberry, Mom! Blackberry!"

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Coffee Shop Emergency

The EMS parked alongside the coffee shop. Nobody needed assistance – the two fellows just dropped in to pick up coffee to go. But can you imagine if there was a medical problem? Here’s the scene;

“Help! Someone help!” an elderly man shouts. “My wife’s choking on a jelly donut! Her favourite. Darn woman! I told her those things would be the death of her yet!”

Meanwhile a store clerk has called the EMS. The fellows rush in – Mutt and Jeff. They assess the situation. Mutt pulls out a coin from his pocket and flips it to see who gets the job of doing the Heimlich Maneuver. Jeff wins. He leans over, pulls the elderly woman up and throws his big arms around her. With one sharp thrust the chunk of jelly donut is airborne like a projectile missile. The gooey chunk lands with a splash into a child’s soup bowl.

The elderly lady slumps back into her chair relieved. Her eyes glisten as she stares up at the young man, Jeff who just saved her life. “Will you marry me?” she whispers as seductively as a woman of eighty can with her dentures loose in her mouth.

Her husband grunts, “You’re already married, you old fool!”

Another emergency call comes across on the EMS’ radio. Mutt and Jeff race out to the ambulance and peel rubber as they squeal out of the parking lot with the siren screeching.